Council of Management

The Executive committee of the Hitkarini Sabha is its chief executive. As per rules of the Hitkarini Sabha, the meetings of the executive committee are to be held every month; and they are held as scheduled. In this session, 13 such meetings were organized, in which action plan for active participation of educational institutes in development of education, building construction, establishment of new institutions, plans to start new courses, literary, cultural and in sports, was discussed upon; major decisions, in view to improve the system in terms of all-round development and administration of educational institutes, were included. The committee works in association with Hitkarini academic council committees, and Hitkarini House sub-committee of rental housing,Hostel sub-committee forĀ  Hitkarini Hostel, along with sub-committee of appointment, promotion, and transfer. The general assembly decides upon the passed resolutions of the executive committee.

Members of the Executive Committee

Name Rank
Shri Rajesh Agarwal Chairman
Shri Naklesh Kumar Upadhyay Vice-Chairman
Smt. Sunaina Pateria Vice-Chairman
Shri Vishwa Mohan Secretary
Shri Mukul Khampariya Joint Secretary
Shri Mahendra Kumar Chourasia Representative of Patron Members
Shri Arun Chaddha Representative of Life Members
Shri Chandra Mohan Member
Shri Nitin Agrawal Member
Shri Ashok Gupta Member
Shri Kamal Jain Member
Shri Naman Agrawal Member
Shri Ramesh Kumar Shrivastava Member
Shri Jai Singh Rao Gaikwad Member
Shri Sandeep Golchha Member

Permanent Invitee

Name Rank
President Vidya Parishad Member
Secretary Vidya Parishad Member
Shri H.S. Oberoi Member
Shri Yogesh Chandra Uprit Member
Shri Ram Asrani Member