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Hitkarini Law College

About Hitkarini Law College, Jabalpur                                                                        Visit College Website

Hitkarini Law College is a Unit of Hitkarini Sabha established on 1st June 1933, situated at the Jones Ganj, Jabalpur, it is the oldest Law College of MadhyaPradesh, affiliated to Rani Durgawati Vishwa Vidhalaya (R.D.V.V.) and also recognized by the State Bar Council of MadhyaPradesh & Bar Council of India.

Since the inception of HLC it has been affiliated to various universities during the commemorating year in 1933, it was affiliated to Napur University there after to Sagar University, Jabalpur University and at present its affiliated with Rani Durgawati Vishwa Vidhyala, Jabalpur.

The Law Degree is also permanently recognized by State Bar Council of India. Hitkarini Law Collage is the oldest law college in M.P. which is Accredited by Nation Accreditation Council Bangalore & remarked by ‘B’ grade.

It has been successfully instilling in its student a sense of broad perspective along with scholastic and reflexive capabilities bearing in mind larger national humanitarian goals.

The legal profession in India in a very remunerative field today. That is why there is a great demand for legal education. The law student is a very informed person who often even while studying decides which stream he would like to take ones he passes out from college our college suggest the student to decide whether he would like to do litigation or corporate practice or would he joined a company or maybe go abroad to pursue foreign further studies and international opportunity. After the software and BPO revolution stage is now being set for legal and financial BPO boom. It is not imperative than to train more and more legal recourses in India Hitkarini Law College provide the student to reach the goal.

The Principal of this college was a renowned advocate and was also Government Advocate for the year list of Principles is as follows :-

1:Late Shri Jivan Chandara Mukerjee 1933 to 1934
2:Late Shri H.D. Palit 1934 to 1951
3:Late Shri K.C. Jain 1951 to 1952
4:Late Shri B. V. Shukla 1952 to 1954
5:Late Shri S.C. Upadhyay 1954 to 1965
6:Late Shri K.C.Niyogi 1965 to 1975 Government Advocate
7:Late Shri S.P. Garg 1975 to 1992
8:Late Shri S.P. Tiwari 1992 to 1994
9:Shri G.C. Jain 1994 to 2001 Government Advocate
10:Shri G.D. Garg 2001 to 2003
11:Shri G.C. Jain 2003 to 2003
12:Dr. M.K. Qureshi 2003 to 2006
13:Shri B.C. Dubey 2006 to 2010
14:Smt Jayshree Mukherjee 2010-2011