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Hitkarini Sabha is the first institute of Jabalpur city to start Computer education in the year 1984. In the initial years, Sabha provided computer education to the students of the city through their computer center. All primary and higher secondary schools operating under Hitkarini Sabha have started new syllabus on computer education including theoretical and practical courses on computer. The syllabus running for primary section includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows XP, e-mail, internet searching, downloading, etc.; similarly, the syllabus of middle classes include – H.T.M.L., Visual basic, Note Pad, Excel formula and functions and I.C.T., Java, D.B.M.S., exploring internet, etc.; higher and higher secondary syllabus includes C, C++ language, Unix, Linux, H.T.M.L., Tally, advanced Excel, D.B.M.S., S.Q.L. etc. which are running successfully. In today’s modern era, computer education is essential in every field for all-round development of a student. This year computer labs of four (4) schools have been renovated and upgraded into a well-equipped lab. The syllabus includes provision of internet with computer education.

EDP Cell, as per the new syllabus, has also organized computer training through which principals, head of departments and teachers of various schools were given knowledge about use of computer.