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Situated on the banks of the sacred river Narmada and hills of Madan Mahal, the city of Jabalpur has been blessed with such great souls as Rani Durgawati, Seth Govinddas and have been epitomized as Sanskardhani by Saint Vinoba Bhave. Sanskardhani means a city with culture and values.  In this Sanskardhani Hitkarini Sabha has its own unique place.

Founded with significant effort and contribution of Shri Raja Balwant Rao Kher, Shri Ambika Charan Banerjee and Shri Bihari Lal Khajanchi, the Hitkarini Sabha has now been providing education and social upliftment in this region for almost one hundred and fifty years.

It was founded in 1868, within a decade of the first war of Indian independence of 1857 to instill a desire for independence in the masses by providing education and literacy to the youth and to instill values of self reliance and culture.

The objectives of Hitkarini Sabha was to promote ethical, intellectual, social, cultural and physical awareness amongst the people of India and to develop leadership for various fields as required n the country during that time.

A cursory look at the alumni list of various institutions of Sabha and of the people and families associated with it as founders, members & teachers will show the achievement of the Sabha is meeting the above objectives.

In National Movement of 1919 the Sabha got an opportunity to participate in the movement for freedom led by Mahatma Gandhi wherein the founders, teachers, students and their families participated in the freedom movement. This resulted in the British Crown suspending the accreditation to Sabha’s schools for over four years at that time.

Nevertheless, the Sabha had made its mark and it became the leading institution for leaders, thinkers and aspiring Indian students.  Buoyed by the love the Sabha also embarked on a continuous journey of establishing institutions of basic and higher learning and kept adapting to the changing trends and needs of the country and society.

Now, as the second decade of the 21st century progresses, the Hitkarini Sabha is well on its way to celebrate its 150th year of imparting education in this region in the year 2018 AD.