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History of Hitkarini Sabha

Jabalpur, Situated by the banks of sacred river Narmada and surrounded by the hills of Madan Mahal, the tapasya-bhoomi of sage Jabaali, a witness to the valor of Rani Durgawati ornamented with the title of “Sanskardhani” by Acharya Vinoba Bhave, The city has its own magnificent and enriching history. Hitkarini Sabha,for its continous hardwork in education and society, indelible mark on Jabalpur and adode of well knowkn academic institutions.

Hitkarini Sabha was established in 1868,with the combined effort of Shri Raja Balwant Rao Kher, Shri Diwan Bihari Lal Khajanchi and Shri Ambika Charan Banerjee.One of the oldest educational organization , Hitkarini Sabha , for more than a century, the institution has been working towards the educational and social upliftment of the citizens of Madhya Pradesh. Since its inception year 1868 Hitkarini Sabha has focused on instilling essence of National consciousness and etiquettes in the young minds through academics.

Hitkarini Sabha is one the oldest academic Socities, not just of Madhya Pradesh, but of the modern India. In truth, the history of Hitkarini Sabha and rise of nationalistic consciousness in the state coincides.Established a decade after the first freedom movement, this Organisation has played an impartive role in creating the feeling of independence, inspiring its citizens to be educated, cultured, independent and self-reliant.

Hitkarini Sabha was Established with the foremost intention of creating such individuals who excel in behavioral, cultural, traditional, social, physical and mental aptitude so they are able and contribute in the progression and development of our Nation with combining these administrative skills with the literary and philosophical mindset.

The National movement of 1919 presented Hitkarini Sabha an opportunity of an active role, when Mahatma Gandhi called for the non-cooperation movement, all the sabha members, teachers and students joined in and the schools were transformed into national schools. Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi’s was so that, Hitkarini Sabha became his admirer and follower. The British Rule, of that time, did not approve of it and recognition of all educational institutes run by Hitkarini Sabha was cancelled, which was later restored in 1923. And this how, Hitkarini Sabha has made a special contribution in the national Swaraj Movement.

The brutality of British rule had taken control of whole of India. So, the need of education and educational institutes was quickly felt. With this objective in mind, the well-wishers and academicians of Jabalpur city started their struggle to open education institutes; Hitkarini Sabha was the first to go ahead on this objective and the progression stream in the field of education is still ongoing.