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President Message

President Message


Hitkarini Sabha was established in the year 1868, a time when the nation was in dire need of a generation which would be filled with the feeling of sacrifice, hard work and national sentiments; who could give a grand form to the spark of freedom fight ignited in 1857. Hitkarini organization not only provided the education opportunities for the young minds but also integrated them with the national sentiments and worked as a large social family.

Hitkarini paved the way for educational opportunities to the students of every section, especially the weaker sections of the society. In Jabalpur and Mahakaushal region, as a leading non-government organization, Hitkarini institutes provide national level of education in minimum fees, in the field of engineering, dental, architecture, nursing, teacher training, law, arts, science, commerce, etc. Recent focus has also been making the education ‘employment oriented’. Over the years, with its core resolve to create cultured and nation loving citizens, the organization had progressed successfully.

A golden chapter was added to the history of Hitkarini Sabha, when on 25th June, 2020 the foundation stone of ‘Hitkarini University’ was laid down in village Kakartala. I hope that Hitkarini University will bring necessary changes required in the field of quality education in ‘Sanskardhani’ Jabalpur. In the same way, on 24th November 2020, in the presence of known personalities from the legal world, the foundation for reconstruction of building was laid down in the campus of Hitkarini Law College.

I feel honored to serve and to be associated with this organization. I express my gratitude to all the office bearers, members, teachers-employees and colleagues associated for their service and constructive cooperation; furthermore I wish them a happy and prosperous future. Finally, I wish all the students studying under Hitkarini, success in education and prosperity in life ahead.

Jai Hind


       Rajesh Agrawal  


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