History of Hitkarini Schools:

Hitkarini Sabha is one the oldest academic institutions, not just of Madhya Pradesh, but of the modern India. In the establishment of Hitkarini Sabhain the year 1868, Raja Balwant Rao Kher, Diwan Biharilal Khajanchi and Shri Ambika Charan Banerjee have had a special contribution. For more than a century, the institution has been working towards the educational and social elevation of the society. From its inception year 1868 has been contributing to make the youth of this country aware of the National consciousness and behavior through academics.

Hitkarini Sabha has completed its 148 glory years. At present, Hitkarini has 7 higher secondary schools, primary schools. Hitkarini Sabha has constantly worked towards to provide modern Education and Institutes to Jabalpur and entire Mahakoshal region. In 1984 Hitkarini Sabha started the very first Computer Center in the Mahakoshal region, to spread awareness for ever-growing Computer education. Ensuing meet the needs modern times, Hitkarini Sabha converted their operated schools as per 4 English medium syllabus. All the schools run under Hitkarini Sabha is in process to implement modern computer education, through which student of primary to higher secondary level will be benefited. This computer syllabus will make the student more employable in their respective fields.

Hitkarini Sabha was founded with the sole purpose of spreading awareness among students of their behavioral, cultural, traditional, social, physical and mental caliber to prepare such personalities to be able to fulfill the present expectations and aspirations of the country; such leaders to participate in administrating this nation along with contributing in the field of literature and philosophy to develop new knowledge and making our students stepping into the world of modern technology through computers. Students are encouraged to participate in District, State and National level tournaments. Students of our school are given training on NCC/NSS through the camps organized by these units. Our students are selected to participate in Republic Day Parade New Delhi. Hitkarini schools are affiliated to MPBSE course.

Higher Secondary Schools                                                                

  1. Kasturchand Hitkarini Children’s Academy, Jonesganj, Jabalpur                                               1997
  2. BabuManmohandas Hitkarini Girls Higher Secondary School, Dixitpura, Jabalpur               1938
  3. Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Devtaal, Garha, Jabalpur                                                     1944
  4. Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Govindganj, Jabalpur                                                           1948
  5. Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Gorakhpur, Jabalpur                                                            1958
  6. Hitkarini Girls Higher Secondary School, BT Bangla, Garha, Jabalpur                                      1977
  7. Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Sahajpur, Jabalpur                                                               1981

Primary and Secondary Schools

  1. Hitkarini Girls Primary School, Garha, Jabalpur                                                                           1987
  2. Hitkarini Children’s Academy, Govindganj, Jabalpur                                                                  2008
  3. Hitkarini Primary School, Garha, Jabalpur                                                                                    1988
  4. Hitkarini Girls Primary School, Gorakhpur, Jabalpur                                                                 1988
  5. Hitkarini Children’s Academy, Vehical Estate, Jabalpur                                                             1998
  6. Babu Manmohan das Girls Primary School, Dixitpura, Jabalpur                                              2002
  7. Babu Manmohan das Children’s Academy, Dixitpura, Jabalpur                                               2010